England FOREVER: J.R.R.Tolkien’s philological legacy in the 21st century

In the year
of outstanding writers and great English books’ anniversaries;
in the year of movie premieres dedicated to the history of England
and bringing back literary heroes, loved all around the world,

 Philological Faculty of Omsk F. M. Dostoyevsky State University
Cinema Blog “Flicker”

 are welcomingall those interested to take part

in a student scientific conference
dedicated to J.R.R.Tolkien’s 120th birth anniversary

«England FOREVER:

J.R.R.Tolkien’s philological legacy

in the 21st century»


The conference will be held on

April 13-14

at Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky State University

Conference program will be published at cinema blog “Flicker” and the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications’ websites after April 6.

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University and college students, senior pupils

are incouraged to participate;

all those interested are welcome as listeners.

Application for participationtext of the report (no more that 5 A4 pages, Times New Roman font, 14pt, at one-and-a-half space, file format doc, docx or  rtf) as well as any creative suggestions on the conference’s organization are accepted till April 6 viae-mail: s.a.demchenkov@omsu.ru

Application form is accepted in a free form. You should state your first name and surname, your institute and faculty, subject of the report, contact information (e-mail).

Well-grounded deviation from declared subject area is encouraged.

According to the results, an issue of a collection of the conference proceedings is planned.

All participants of the conference will receive a Certificate of attendance.


Subject area

Day I

1.      «I am a pure philologist»: J.R.R.Tolkien literary works in the mirror of European mythology and Victorian literature of the end of 19st – beginning of the 20th cc.;
2.    «The Lord of the Rings» and Great War (by the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI, 1914-2014);
3.     J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.Lewis;
4.     Tolkien and his theory of a fairy tale;
5.     Religious aspects of «The Lord of the Rings» (letters, articles, marginalia);
6.     Tolkien’s trilogy influence in the world culture of XX-XXI cc.;
7.     Peter Jackson’s screen version;
8.     «Hobbit» is 75!
9.    Also: symbols, favourite images, mysteries of ethymology, illustrators andcomments.


Day II

1.     Charles Dickens is 200! Reading and interpreting dickensian Gothic; searching for cinematographic and literary keys to the unfinished novel “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”; exploring Thames’s estuary (“dreadful scenery” of “Great Expectations”); discussing the meaning of Nell’s character (“Humiliated and Insulted”) for F.Dostoyevsky and early silent cinema.
2.      Alan Milne is 130! The history of creation of Winnie-the-Pooh tales; other cult Teddies of English literature. Famous Teddies collectors.
3.      Edward Lear is 200! Origin of «limericks», masters of the genre (XVII – XX cc.).
4.      Lewis Carroll is 180! Alice and world culture (photography, cinema, animation, literature). Carroll as a photographer. Carroll – Jack the Ripper?
5.     «The Hound of the Baskervilles» by sir Arthur Conan Doyle is 110! Modern literary and cinematographic «holmesiana».  Victorian ageand BBC: new conception of TV series («Whitechapel», «Jackyl», «Holmes»).  Phenomenon of English XXI c. intellectual detective story;
6.     «Peter Rabbit» by Beatrix Potter is 110! The destiny of the author, interpretation of her legacy (JaneAusten for children). Potter’s fairy tales and noir (Graham Greene).
7.     Alsovictorian poetry (A. Tennyson, A. Housman, Т. Hardy, E. Dawsonand others)  as an intertext for XX-XXI cc. literature and cinema.


Organizing Committee:

Yekaterina Petrovna Baranovskaya – PhD,associate professor, research worker at Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky  literary museum.

Sergey Aleksandrovich Demchenkov – PhD, associate professor, deputy dean of Faculty of Philology and Media Communications, Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky State University.

Yana Khromenko  – graduate  of Faculty of Philology and Media Communications, Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky State University.

Antonina Chertash student of Faculty of Philology and Media Communications, Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky State University.

Anastasiya Rudenko  student of Faculty of Philology and Media Communications, Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky State University.

Contact information:

E-mail: s.a.demchenkov@omsu.ru


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